New stuff + covers

So I added some covers (a couple of which I forgot existed because they were recorded years ago) and also a couple of the new songs that don’t yet belong to albums. “Good Intentions” isn’t available for download yet because the recording still needs some tweaking before I’m ready to set it up here. The covers are free to download and you can buy the new junk if you like. Either way, streaming everything is still free! Head over to the music page to listen.


Hello! Hi! I’ve put together a website for my music. Here, I’ll be posting new songs as I record them, as well as when I’ll be playing live or making new videos.

The launch of was prompted by the realization that writing and playing music is what I should do with my life, and that maybe, with a website, I can better put myself out there and let people hear my stuff. I tend to go through periods during which I give up on my songs for a little while, then I find them again months later and re-learn them. Maybe it’s because I’ve never had faith that I could build a career out of making music, but many artists who started with just small fanbases on the internet have proved me wrong. Plus, there aren’t many gifts in life that can excite you, instill pride in you, and cure a terrible mood like songwriting can; wasting all of that–avoiding doing what you’re meant to do–is silly. So I’m going for it. Or trying.

Oh yeah–Merry Christmas!